How to Approach Women at the Gym

Approach Women at the Gym. First, try to make eye contact. Once you get a chance, make small talk with her. Don’t make eye contact too much or leering. Next, avoid asking a question that you don’t mean. And last but not least, don’t ask her out on the spot. Here are some other tips: Dos and Don’ts There are […]

How Should Your Girlfriend Interact Online

Girlfriend Interact Online – If you’re feeling a little shy, try these tips to increase your chances of keeping your girlfriend happy: Keep her sexy, intimate parts private, talk about your life, and write her a message. These tips will help you keep your girlfriend happy in the virtual world. You can also follow these tips to make your girlfriend […]

Texting Dos and Donts

Texting – When you’re chatting with your friends on the phone, there are certain Dos and Donts you should keep in mind. While texting is an excellent way to stay connected with people, it is important not to send explicit material. Cell phones are often stolen and hacked, so sexual pictures may be circulated online. Avoid sending too many texts […]