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Should I Ask Her Out Again



If you’ve already asked her out on a date, you might be wondering: Should I ask her out again? First, don’t overdo it. Don’t call her up on the spot or ask a friend to ask her out. And, of course, you should follow up on your date two to three days later. That way, you’ll know what she thinks. Best case scenario: the two of you go out again! Worst case scenario: she politely declines date number two!

Don’t overdo it

Men who are interested in a woman should avoid overdoing it when asking her out again. The first time you see a woman, be sure to act like a good friend and let her feel comfortable around you. It’s perfectly fine to share your frustrations or problems with her, but don’t try to be too direct or pushy. She might feel uncomfortable and might reject you if you don’t take the initiative to reach out to her. Instead, you should let her enjoy the experience.


Be a man

Ask her out again. Most women don’t want to be approached by a man and will probably just fuck up. Also, most young men don’t even look at women. They don’t want to be viewed as attention seekers, so they won’t approach you. But if you’re genuinely interested in her, you can offer to go out with her on a date and call later.

Call her

You’ve decided you want to call her again and this time you’re not going to be rude. You’ll just need to be patient and make sure to leave a short, sweet voicemail message. If she doesn’t answer right away, try again at another time, and don’t call on consecutive days. If you’re unsuccessful the first time, leave a message and wait another day. Remember, patience is the key.

After all, you’ve spent time getting to know her and you’re still interested in her. That’s great! The next step is to plan how to ask her out again. The best time to ask her out is when you’re having fun and the conversation is going well. Don’t try to call her within the first five minutes of your meeting, nor should you rush things. Instead, stay cool and try to make it seem like an everyday thing.


When calling her again, try to pick up the topic from your previous conversations. Make sure not to bring up a negative situation (a long DMV line, for example). Rather, try to come up with a topic based on your previous conversation with her. Mention something from her last conversation, or ask her about her day or the place where you met her. Make sure to leave her number two times. Don’t leave long, detailed explanations, and always keep it brief and simple.

The next day follow-up can end up messing up your relationship. Some guys will try to play hard to get and make the woman wait a day or two. While this strategy might work for you, it won’t work if you don’t like her. If she likes you, she will be excited to hear from you. However, if she doesn’t like you, she’ll be annoyed by your next-day call.

Don’t ask a friend

If you have already asked her out and she declined, don’t waste your time asking her out again. There are many reasons why she might not accept your invitation. If you’re not sure if she’s interested or busy, she may simply not be the type to say “yes” right away. If you’re still unsure, try asking her out again after a couple of months.

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