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Shes Afraid of Meeting People Online. Should I Text Or Call Her



You’re dating a woman who is afraid of meeting people online

A woman who is scared of meeting people online may have several reasons. Meeting a complete stranger after only knowing them through a photo or video on the internet is scary for both parties, physically and emotionally. However, there are certain safety precautions that can be taken to make the process less daunting for everyone. Women often have their own personal safety rules, which they follow when meeting new people online. A recent AskWomen thread posed the question: “How to keep yourself safe on an online dating website?” received 15 responses from fifteen women who shared their best practices and cautions for ensuring safety.

You want to ask her out on a date



Your anxiety is probably preventing you from meeting someone new, but don’t despair. If you can’t ask her out on a date because she’s afraid of meeting people online, there are some strategies that will make it easier for you. To start, try putting yourself in her shoes. Ask her if she’d like to hang out and get the conversation going by using the power of your first name.

First, make sure your ask is specific. Use the word “date” rather than “dating.” If your girlfriend doesn’t want to meet someone online, she’s likely to give you a soft rejection, such as saying she’s busy, or wanting to be friends. If you’re too aggressive, she’ll simply ghost you. Don’t take rejection personally – it is a natural reaction for women.

Don’t be shy about asking women out online. Dating sites and apps exist for a reason. Women don’t want to meet total strangers, so they’re hesitant to share their phone number until they get to know each other. You shouldn’t push her too soon or wait too long. You want to meet someone who’s genuinely interested in you and can make her feel comfortable. This golden moment will usually come after you’ve exchanged at least 10 messages on a dating app or two or three messages on a dating site.



You want to talk about making plans

The best way to approach a woman who is shy about making plans is to invite her to hang out with you alone. Ask fewer people, and as your relationship progresses, you can ask her to meet you when she has free time on the weekend. Don’t be discouraged if she says no, but don’t drop the conversation. Explain that you’re not planning to take her on a date and it’s just a fun hangout.

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