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Why Dating is Better For Your Sex Life Than Hanging Out



According to Jill P. Weber, a clinical psychologist and author of the book, “Why Dating is Better for Your Sex Life Than Hanging Out,” traditional dating can be much safer and more satisfying. It circumvents the feelings of vulnerability. But why is dating more fulfilling than hanging out? Read on to discover the reasons why dating is better for your sex life. This article will provide you with an overview of the benefits of dating over hanging out.

Traditional dating

One of the advantages of traditional dating is that it allows you to become familiar with a person in a real-world situation. The ability to interact in a group or public setting makes it difficult for people to misrepresent their physical characteristics. Plus, you get to know a person more deeply and get a better feel for their personality. That makes traditional dating a safer bet when it comes to your sexual life.

According to the traditional dating narrative, men initiate most dates. Women initiate 62 percent of dates. Men initiate 73 percent of dates. The findings are consistent with what you might expect from the traditional dating script. But a more significant issue is the role of men in a dating relationship. Most dates are initiated by men, and men are more likely to initiate sexual contact than women. As such, men are likely to initiate sex and pay for it on more dates than women.


However, not all traditional societies follow the same dating customs. Some traditionalist societies are still deeply rooted in the ethos of arranged marriages and courtship. Second-generation immigrants to the West may have different dating habits. This is partly dependent on their education and culture. For example, Muslim Arab Americans might feel threatened by western dating practices. They might feel more comfortable dating boys. Traditional dating is better for your sexual life than hanging out with a group of strangers.

In this process, people evaluate the assets and liabilities of different possible partners, choose the best available one, and continue their dating journey. The process also reduces anxiety of formal dates and decreases parental control over their friends. The media, video, or audio you were trying to watch could not be loaded. Either server, network, or format support was not available. You can still try using the traditional dating method if you’re looking for an intimate relationship.

Traditional dating is safer and more satisfying than hanging out

There are many benefits to traditional dating. In addition to helping you develop a better understanding of yourself and your partner, it’s much safer than a casual fling. It may not be appropriate for you if you’re not ready for a serious relationship but group dating is a safe option that doesn’t put any pressure on you. It also doesn’t require any sexual activity, which can be safer and less stressful than hanging out with random strangers.


Traditional dating circumvents feelings of vulnerability

The concept of traditional dating, with its focus on long-term relationships and courtship, started in the 1920s and the concept of hookups is not rooted in courtship at all. In fact, most scholarly research on young adult sexuality has focused on hookups, which aren’t traditionally associated with dating. Sam Kendrick, a doctoral student in sociology at the University of Kansas, and Nancy Jo Kepple, co-authored a study in 2013 published in the journal Sexuality & Culture.

Whether or not traditional dating avoids feelings of vulnerability for your sexual life is entirely up to you. There are many reasons why this practice may not work for your particular relationship. The fact is that being vulnerable is risky and can result in being sexually abused, but it can also lead to a deeper and more rewarding experience. But, it is important to understand that vulnerability is an inherent part of relationships and can help you cultivate trust and a deeper connection.


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