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3Fun Review – Is 3Fun Safe



3Fun is a location-based mobile online dating application available for Android and iOS. It is available in several countries, including the United States, UK, Brazil, and the Netherlands. Currently, the app has over two million total downloads and approximately 100,000 monthly downloads. In addition, the app encourages users to report fake profiles and encourages users to send private messages.

Location data exposed in 3fun

Recently, the 3Fun app has been exposed for storing location data of its users. Although users supposedly have the ability to restrict this data, the fact is that location information is easily accessible from the 3Fun app itself. In fact, it’s possible to track 3fun users around the world, including the White House, US Supreme Court, and 10 Downing Street. This information is then transmitted to 3Fun’s servers via a GET request.

The 3Fun developers were contacted by security researchers who uncovered the vulnerability, which enabled hackers to gather data about 3Fun users, including their location. Additionally, they discovered that the app did not encrypt data between its users and its servers. This allows hackers to spoof the data in order to collect sensitive data such as personal information.

Users can be tracked to a house or a building

The 3fun app allows you to track the location of other people. The problem is that it exposes the location of users in near real time. This information could be used to track people down and expose their private activities. After the company found this vulnerability, they worked with Pen Test Partners to fix the flaw. However, their work is far from done.


The 3Fun app leaks location information because of the fact that it doesn’t encrypt traffic between the app and the 3Fun servers. This makes it easy to spoof the location of other users and to track their movements. However, the app allows you to restrict the amount of information it shares.

Users are encouraged to report fake profiles

If you discover fake profiles on 3Fun, you can report them to the service. This is a good way to protect yourself and others. 3Fun has a very simple way of doing this. To report a fake profile, simply click on the report button. Then you’ll be taken to the profile’s details page. You can also delete the profile. This will not remove the fake profile from the system, but it will prevent other users from being able to view it.

3Fun is a dating platform that allows couples to chat synchronously or with a third party. The platform also includes new security features and regular in-app scans to spot fake profiles. However, 3Fun does not guarantee that these features are available on all devices. In addition, you should never engage in commercial solicitation or sell anything to a 3Fun user without their consent.

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